Project: Modular Lexical Analysis Tool Development || プロジェクト:モジュラ字句解析ツール開発

This is a project that I started a while ago, it combines two interests of mine; Programming and linguistics. In its current state you can input text and it will provide you with a list of all the words used in said text, stripping out URLs, email addresses and punctuation. It will also count how many times each word was used and order the list from the most frequent to the least.

The next steps for this program are to add more analysis ‘tools’ and make it modular. That is, I want to have it so each ‘tool’ is a module, then the GUI can be customised via an XML file, adding or removing modules as you please. Each custom set of modules, or ‘screens’ will be able to be loaded on the fly so you can quickly change to the set of tools that you need. Eventually I’d like to make a WYSIWYG editor for screens.



The code for this project can be viewed here. ||  このプロジェクトのコードがこちらに見られます。